Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New apartment and new job

Denise and I moved into the apartment next to our old one at the start of February. The new one is only $3 more a month and has a larger dining room area, a second bedroom, and four more closets. We finally have space to put all of our stuff away instead of leaving it on the floor in the bedroom. We are mostly moved in now. Unfortunately, the clothes are all in the second bedroom because the bar in the our closet isn't attached to the wall properly. The brackets for the bar were screwed into drywall instead of a stud and several of the screws have pulled out. It sags very badly when I hang our clothes on it. The manager has repeatedly promised that it would be fixed, but maintenance still hasn't come. I'll probably try calling every day and see if I can make them fix it. Overall I am very happy with the new place.

Right after we moved in I applied for an internship with Booz Allen Hamilton, a big IT consulting company in the area. The interview went well and they seemed to be interested in hiring me. They recently called me back and offered me a position. The job will be a big pay increase for me and it should be fun too. I'll be starting as an intern this summer and continue on part time until I graduate next may.

I've had my job at Target for so long that it will feel strange leaving. I've been in school for so long that starting a career will be a big change for me. I haven't received the offer letter in the mail yet, so the job doesn't feel quite real to me yet. Hopefully fedex will deliver it soon.