Monday, October 20, 2008

Crime near home

This morning there was a armed robbery and attempted rape in front of our apartment. The article says that it happened in the 1200 block of Alban ct, but that is a bit redundant since Alban ct is only one block long. If Denise had to work this morning, we would have seen it happen as it happened at the time Denise usually leaves for work. I see crime reports for school all the time, but they are usually nowhere near the places I go. This just creeps me out.


sleepyhamster said...

I've been having that feeling a lot lately. I moved about a month ago, but while I was there over the summer, there was a guy stabbed in my development. I was at work and this girl is coming for her uncle to get pain meds and antibiotics and I get the address and think oh ok this is for a guy that lives by me, whatever. Then she tells me he'd gotten stabbed, and I freak out, especially since the time he was stabbed, Tim and I had been sitting in the car outside...Very very scary for me. I mean it was in broad daylight! Then two people have gotten mugged by where Weis used to be, also in broad daylight! I'm glad I'm over here now in the better area of Germantown. People that have lived here for 12 years say there's never been any problems here and it seems to me like a very nice area. At any rate, lets hope you guys stay ok.

CrouchingOwl said...

Freakishness. Bonnie Jean and I have been ok so far over here, but we know crime is something that happens around. Just never had it in the backyard yet. There's some places I would be pretty scared to live around here. If you guys lived closer perhaps I'd offer to let you borrow our taser :)

Whitaker said...

A similar event happened to us while living in Chicago the first time.

Early on a Saturday morning, I walked down the steps to the front door, where I found the woman who lived upstairs.

She had received horrible threats from a man. As we spoke, the police we arresting the guy in front of the building.

Experiences like that certainly do something to you!

Bethany said...

Yikes. I'm glad Denise wasn't going to work that morning. We haven't had any problems on our street since we moved in, but that doesn't keep me from not likeing going outside after dark. Doesn't help that our street is not well lit at all. I'm not sure there is a street light on the whole block, if you don't count the lights at the church or school.